Monday, June 20, 2011

Comfortable Retirement

Jack lead an easy life. He did this and he did that and he then, at the age of 38 started working for the Government.

Jack planned carefully for his retirement. He subscribed to a well known plan and abided by the required monthly instalments.

He never married and he didn't, subscribe to the belief that a successful man necessarily needed to be a family man. With the costs of college and raising a family skyrocketing, Jack, a conservative man by nature subscibed to the one night stand and get it where you can syndrome, with no attachments and certainly no responsibilities. Jack took all precautions, when he got it when he could, to avoid any unwarranted, unnecessary an costly surprises.

Jack did not believe in posterity. Jack did not believe in prodigy. Jack believed in a comfrotable retirement.

Jack retired comfortably at the nominal retirement age, and used his pension to pay for his residence in an old age old fogey home.

He played checkers and watched soap operas. And the years did pass by.

Jack died and "was burried along with his name. Few fogeys came".

Jack left this world as he came in it. And left nothing behind to be remembered; It was as if he had never existed.

Jack lead a comfortable life, retired comfortably and was buried where he now, somewhere, lies comfortably waiting for the "sea to give up its dead".

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