Sunday, January 8, 2012

On Being an Actor

Being a successful actor means being a product of a multi million dollar highly competitive industry. It requires superhuman strength since perfection is the key to everything. Perfect teeth, perfect singing, perfect dancing, perfect body, perfect nose, perfect smile, perfect face.

It also means that the industry controls your essence of being; no personal life; you marry when you're suppose to and who you're suppose to; you divorce when you're suppose to and who you're suppose to; and you say what you are told to say : thinking and personality are not prerequisites, they're actually deterents to success.

So enjoy stardom and check yourself out after a couple of years just to see if you're happy with what you've become.

And the music business ain't no better neither; sometimes they even use the same strategy to get rid of you and make a final rush on selling your albums after you're gone... with the help of the good doctor of course...

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