Saturday, February 4, 2012

King Juan Carlos , Queen Sophie , and Pilar Eyre

According to Pilar Eyre, Queen Sophia of Spain is the loneliest woman of Spain.

King Juan Carlos, a perpetual womanizer and philanderer  hasn't slept in the same bed (always according to Pilar Eyre) with the Queen since 1976 when Queen Sophia caught the king in bed with Spanish actress Sara ( Sarita ) Montiel.

Sophia walked in unannounced on King Juan Carlos in estate outside Toledo in 1976 and caught the King and the Actress in lascivious carnal escapades too hot and daring to mention, sexual acts unfitting for a Queen but definitely within the expert nocturnal approaches of any actress willing and wishing to captivate royalty.

Sophia, hurt and betrayed left for India to meet her mother, the ousted from Greece former Queen Frederica asking Frederica's consent to allow Sophia to proceed to divorce the Spanish King. Frederica instructed Sophia that such a breech of protocol was out of the question, and any such move would reduce Sophia to lamenting her life somewhere along the south of France, like many other failed wannabees before her. So Sophia stayed.

Amongst Juan Carlos' other conquests (which include actresses, decorators, singers) was in 1986 Princess Diana of Britain who succumbed to the King's will in a royalty pleasure cruise at that time.

Indeed, when the King underwent surgery in 2011 Queen Sophia was notably absent from the hospital but no to worry, Juan Carlos was attended to by his latest conquest, a 25 year old translator from Germany; it is rumored that the affair is ongoing.

So Queen Sophia may indeed be the loneliest woman in Spain, but she is still a Queen.

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