Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wind Hellas Vodafone Hellas Merger Dead in the Water

The European commission, following the T mobile ATT merger failure, has rejected any attempts at merging Wind Hellas and Vodafone Hellas.

One of the key reasons the commission has blocked the merger is that this may prompt further such mergers in the EU horizon, something that may drastically affect the state of competition in the EU.

Vodafone Hellas and Wind Hellas which had proposed the merger deal, will now continue to function as independent business entities a midst mounting subscriber debts and unpaid bills. Indeed, the companies are trying to put together a legal body that will address unpaid bills and subscriber habits of abandoning one operator and switching to another, or to a prepaid format, whilst leaving the original contract with debt.

Today, the mobile telephone service in Greece is cut if two consecutive bills are left unpaid.

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