Sunday, April 1, 2012

Did Jesus Really Exist ? Thoughts for Easter 2012

Alot of video work regarding the life of Jesus; whether he existed; whether the resurrection did take place; whether he was taken down from the cross alive, healed and then took part in a pseudo Resurrection, and so forth.

The matter is simple : If you're a true Christian then you take the New Testament as is; not politically correct and revised to suit the times, and not part of it (the part that suits you) while shunning or ignoring the rest.

A true Christian takes the written word as is in the same way as a true Moslem adheres 100% to the Koran, and a true Jew 100% to the Old Testament. There can be no deviation.

It is irrelevant whether Jesus existed or was subject to the Resurrection; what is important is that for Christians he was and that's all the counts. The same goes for believing in God One does not ask when He was created and when He will die and how this all fits with the Big Bang Theory and the Creation of the Universe and Steven Hawkings and all the jazz.

What is important is : I am What I am. Period, exclamation and so forth.

So if you're gonna believe, believe. If you choose to follow the other path that's fine just as long as you remember that questions regarding religion are irrelevant. Religion is not science and will never be science...and its now pseudo science either.

If you're a believer then indeed your Teacher is the Way.

If you are not then may your truth be as accommodating and inspiring as one who believes.

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