Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Romeo and the gun

There was a restaurant, in the old days, in Park Ex in Montreal called Park View.

That's the place, for those into Greek politics, that the PAK movement was launched from the fabled Andreas Papandreou. The PAK movement later became PASOK , the Hellenic Socialist Movement which ruled Greece for over 20 years. As a matter of fact, the Park View Restaurant owner John Papadopoulos, rumour has it, paid for Andreas' Tickets upon his return to Greece in 74.

A more interesting development was an event that occured in Park View in late Feb in the 70s.
Romeo, a button, was eating when a rumble broke out between Romeo and one of the waiters. The waiter insulted Romeo and Romeo pulled out a piece. The waiter threatened to call the Montreal cops and Romeo loaded; the waiters fate seemed sealed.

At that minute, the patron John Papadopoulos walks into the salon and shouts at Romeo to put the heat away. Romeo, always respecting the patron puts the piece down but alas the cops were on their way.

Papadopoulos orders Romeo to give him the iron, and tells him to scram through the back door. The cops come and John tells him that it was a misunderstanding; nothing happened. The fuzz respected John since he gave lavishly to the policemen brotherhood.

the next day Don Frank comes in and requests that John forgives Romeo's actions. John gives the piece to Frank and Frank submits his mutual respect and tells John that whatever services he may need, Frank and the boyz were at his disposal. John thanks Frank but services were never needed.

the years passed by and he 80s and 90s came along, Frank ended in jail and John is now senile in some hospital but the legends survives.

So it was some time in Montreal.

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