Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monterrey Nuevo Leon : Mexico's Industrial Powerhouse

Monterrey Nuevo Leon, which translates to Royal Mountain or Mount Royal or Montreal in French, is one of the most impressive cities of the world, combining strong industrial prowess, culture and a vibrant and exciting nightlife. Monterrey is many times called “The Sultana of the North” and the city’s inhabitants are typically referred to as RegioMontanos or RegioMontanas.

Monterrey’s industrial might is notable especially in the areas of steel, cement, glass, financial services, as well as its ability to draw foreign investments in the areas of high technology and telecommunications. The Monterrey Steel Foudry, or Fundidora operated from 1900 until 1986 and is one of the industrial establishments credited with helping achieve the city’s growth and financial prowess. The CervecerĂ­a CuauhtĂ©moc Moctezuma produces world class beers such as Tecate and Sol (commonly refereed to as Rubias) and the excellent local Indio beer (referred to as : Morena). The Cerveceria was founded by the Garza Sada family, one of the pillars of the Monterrey business community and is currently owned by Heineken International.

Monterrey Nuevo Leon is also home to world class higher education institutions such as the Tec de Monterrey which was founded through the philanthropic activity of Don Eugenio Garza Sada, an MIT graduate noted philanthropist and established businessman who died at the hands of kidnappers. The Tec, or ITESM, is active in the areas of the applied sciences and engineering and its research activities and curricula are equivalent to the level of institutions such as Sanford, Berkeley and MIT.

The city’s exciting nightlife consists of an elaborate array of districts and municipalities hosting a variety of entertainment facilities including restaurants (Chinese, Greek, Italian and Tex Mex), bars, malls, parks supported by strong infrastructure and impressive hotels.

A midnight stroll under a full Mexican moon in the romantic El Barrio Antiguo (the old quarter) is highly recommended, while the youthful fervor of the posh municipality of San Pedro Garza Garcia which also boasts a very active nightlife is ideal for bar hopping, shopping, dining and general entertainment. Monterrey’s and San Pedro Garza Garcia’s nightlife are sure to leave someone with pleasant, romantic and unforgettable memories.
The nearby resorts of La Laguna (The Lagoon) and Cola de Caballo (Horse’s Tail) just outside of Monterrey provide an ideal place for summer camping, hiking and outing.
Access to the Monterrey Nuevo Leon can be achieved through a number of highways as well as the local Mariano Escobedo Airport which connects to most international airports such as Fort Worth and Houston.

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