Saturday, June 4, 2011

La Malaise Grecque

The French Revolution was the result of the merchant class’ difference with the aristocracy and the Church. Similar to the American Revolution, another merchant class revolution, the French business class was tired of gifting their hard earned profits to the establishment, the lazy aristocrats and the ever burdensome Catholic Church.

The Greek crisis is similar in nature to the crises that lead to the French and American revolutions with the Elite class being the civil service and the Greek government taking measures to protect the Greek civil service, regardless of growing unemployment in the private business sectors and the damage because of ill thought tax measures (to pay for Greek civil service costs) to Greek and foreign businesses.

The Greek government is deepening itself in debt, and foreclosing the future of Greek posterity to protect the lazy, inefficient, redundant, criminally ignorant, obnoxious and obsolete civil service whose employment is guaranteed by the constitution. Greeks and Greek businesses are expected to toil in labor in order to protect the salaries of an inert civil system that has lead to Greece’s present circumstances and the selling of off valuable assets, such as Hellenic Telecom (at 1/3 the price of the 2008 sale), which are vital to the portfolio of any country seeking long term prosperity.

The current second memorandum which will be implemented by the government will collect revenues (blood money) to pay back loans that will be used primarily to pay civil service wages, many which pass the 3000 euro per month levels.

If Greece continues its present debt growth rate, the country is sure to default in the not so far future since fixed civil service costs remain, but growth is non existent (why work your butt off to create niches whose results will be taxed away to protect a civil service that was in the first place polemic towards your ideas?).

There is only one way for Greece to solve its present tribulations : Revise the constitution, reduce drastically and revamp the civil service and make it do what it was suppose to be doing in the last 30 – 40 years (serve the civilians).

Regarding the resultant unemployment, Greek inventiveness and invention will soon result in market initiatives that will surprise doubters and bring the country back on its feet (Greeks manage to do that in foreign countries, why not Greece – it is the system that deters Greeks from being Greek in Greece). This would’ve occurred today if the system (the civil service) did not hinder growth as it has hindered growth in the last 40 years.

The writing for Greece is no the wall : Take measures to reduce drastically government inefficiencies which are due mostly to the Greek Civil Service, or perish in the annals of history.

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