Monday, June 20, 2011

Regarding Sarah Longair

Sarah Longair graduated from HWU in 2002 with a degree
in Mathematics and Finance, and is now the youngest
Operations Director at Stagecoach UK Bus.

Her chosen course was extremely relevant to her eventual
career: “the statistical maths I studied has been particularly
useful in terms of managing passenger growth.”

In her 4th year, Sarah was accepted on the Stagecoach
graduate recruitment programme and has risen swiftly to
her current position as Operations Director for the West of
Scotland. Sarah attributes much of her success to her time
at Heriot-Watt, in particular the opportunities for selfdevelopment
and a strong person-centred approach from
her tutors. She recalls: “I learnt how to conduct myself, be
self-disciplined, motivated and know when to be serious.
HWU made me grow up. I still regularly see the friends I made
during this time. We all consider ourselves to be successful
and have gone on to work for a variety of leading Scottish

One of the things that appealed to Sarah about Stagecoach
was the innovative and progressive culture. The graduate
training programme included a wide spectrum of
experiences from marketing to engineering and of course the
opportunity to learn how to drive a bus.
After rising through the ranks, with the assistance of the
Graduate training programme, things have moved full
circle as Sarah is now a trained Assessor for their Graduate
Assessment Centre. One exciting project that Sarah is to work
on in the coming months, as part of the UK Government’s Green Travel Plan, is a tax-free travel scheme which employers
can provide to their staff.

Sarah is delighted with where her degree has taken her, and is looking forward to a bright future with one of Scotland’s
biggest transport providers.

More information about the Heriot Watt Edinburgh Business School Alumni in Greece can be found here.

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