Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why I Love Mexico

I’ve got this diplomat friend (a very good friend, sorta like a brother if you know what I mean) , a greek dude, and he’s married to a RegioMontana (a ravishing lady indeed as most RegioMontanas tend to be).

Anyway, I was conversing with her in Spanish (she speaks perfect Greek, both ancient (Attica dilect) as well as modern but I alway prefer to converse with her in Castellano since it allows me to practice what’s left of my Spanish.)

Anyway we were talking about Mexico and it intrigued her why I was so much in love with her homeland.

Well I sez to her: “how can you not be in love with a country that gave birth to Siqueiros and Rivera, to Frida and Celo Velasquez, whose conservatories raised the great Placido Domingo, whose opera houses and auditoriums hosted Callas, and of course (lest I forget) the country that gave us my good ol’ friend (who honored us in the past and still continues to do so with his visits here in Greece, and in this very house; although to be honest I had met him several times during my stay in Mexico as part of my “visits” to Mexico city) Carlos Fuentes.”

 Here’s a bit of Siqueiros for you.
Timeless, isn’t he?

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