Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Greek Referendum 2011 2012 and the future of Eurozone

Remember the Quebec referendum in the 70s and 80s that held in its result the future and structural integrity of Canada?

That's the state of affairs regarding the Greek referendum. What Europe needs to do is get together some leadership and help the Greek political system win this thing and convince the Hellenic Populace that it is in their interest to suffer awhile with a better future ahead; or else, suffer the consequences of the drachma. Of course this will also mean the end of the Eurozone because what happened to Greece, will happen to other European countries. And of course world wide economic havoc.

Of course Greece is just a European Alibi. The real problem is in the EU core, for example France who doesn't deserve a AAA rating cfr the DEXIA bank incident where only a small minority of bonds were Greek. The bank was grossly mismanaged just like the French economy is.

Canada was saved by the charismatic leadership of Pierre Eliot Trudeau who took over the liberal unity campaign from the pathetic handling of boring Claude Ryan, and convinced Quebequers that there future was more secure within the confederation, that without it; since Quebec is after all surrounded by a sea of anglos .

That's the kind of leadership that's required to keep Europe together; Does Europe have that kind of leadership? You be the judge...

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