Monday, November 21, 2011

Top 3 tips for video personalization

US consumers are spending, on average, 19 hours each month watching clips, trailers and full episodes of their favorite programming, and yet video ads account for less than 15% of the total time spend within the video space. That is an indicator that there is still room for video advertising to grow.

by Kristina Knight
I recently chatted with Jim Dicso, President of Sunday Sky, about the possibilities for personalized video advertising. Today, Jim offers his top three tips for personalizing video and three ways video can be used to engage consumers.
First, engagement. Consumers want to be entertained, but with personalized video, brands can do more than entertain - they can convert potential customers. For example, product showcase videos.
"A product showcase video, or a video that shares all-around product information, enhances search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and can increase traffic to product pages by as much as 10%," said Dicso. "When a brand presents a customer with a product he or she wants and then quickly shows the product's features, conversion rates go up."
Jim also suggests creating Personalized video pre-roll ads to present qualified prospects and abandoners with video pre-roll ads that are personalized and generated in real time. Finally, he suggests using personalized video for billing and customer service.
"For example, video bill solutions provide an end-to-end automated video billing presentment. The personalized video clip is designed to address subscribers' needs for clear, friendly and personal explanations of their bills," said Dicso.
As for Jim's top three video personalization tips, he believes Scale, Creative and Measurement are key.
"Video personalization technology should be able to handle thousands of videos and support real-time generation without compromising the user experience," said Dicso. "[Don't] compromise creative quality to achieve personalization...[it] is most powerfull when it comes with a high end, creative treatment. [And] in order to achieve video execution excellence you should always track your results, measure the business value and then work on continuous optimization to achieve the effectiveness of your video communication.

I recently chatted with SundaySky President Jim Dicso about the benefits of video personalization.
Kristina: What are the possibilities for video personalization?
Jim: Personalized videos can be used anywhere within customer lifecycle stages and standard marketing efforts.
Kristina: How does personalization impact online commerce?
Jim: When videos are properly produced, they captivate users. Instead of requiring the user to navigate, scroll and click to access information, online video is a one-stop shop for information. It takes less time to engage the user than reading and that engagement lasts until the user is ready to follow an embedded call-to-action. With today's smart video solutions - generating compelling, personalized, real-time video experiences - companies can easily provide customers with what they need to know in the most engaging, entertaining and informative way possible. This is lucrative, as campaigns with targeted messaging based on users' interactions typically generate 30% higher conversion rates, raise customer value and increase overall profitability.
Kristina: Can there be 'too much' personalization - to the point that it turns the consumer off?
Jim: It depends on the context. If personalization takes place within the customer portal or e-mail where users know what information they have provided to the retailer, we find that customers appreciate the personalization, as it's highly relevant to their shopping experiences. However, when retailers use personalization for targeting or retargeting video ads, they should use personal information sparingly to avoid the impression they have overstepped consumer privacy. There is a fine line between being relevant and being creepy. Brands should be attentive to their user to make sure they haven't crossed the line.

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