Wednesday, December 28, 2011

La Dolce Vita star ANITA EKBERG pleading poverty to Fellini's estate executors

La Dolce Vita star pleading poverty to Fellini's estate executors

A representative for ailing veteran actress ANITA EKBERG has appealed for financial help from the estate executors in charge of her LA DOLCE VITA director FEDERICO FELLINI's fortune.
The Swedish-born star, a former model, is wheelchair-bound and has been living in a home for the elderly near Rome, Italy after her house was set on fire during a burglary.

The 80 year old's finances are being looked after by court-appointed administrator Massimo Morais, and he recently wrote to Fellini's estate pleading poverty, insisting Ekberg is struggling to get by because she has no valuable assets.

Morais tells Italian newspaper La Stampa, "It's not elegant to say it but Mrs Ekberg's real problem is a lack of liquidity.

"The Fellini Foundation has not replied yet but I am confident of solidarity from anyone who wants to share with other benefactors in helping out, however modestly, a good actress who really deserves it."

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