Monday, January 9, 2012

From the Secret Diary of Lorena Morelos

Lorena was unlike other Los Palitos girls. She was very much a Blanca (fair) with light brown hair, honey brown eyes, freckles, flat chested with  a boyish but firm butt. Her parents, proud to have a Blanca, showed much preference to her than her Morena (dark) sister Nelly.    Being a Blanca, Lorena was very much in demand by local men.   This many times aggravated her older sister Nelly, who was a dark local beauty with a hefty breast line, an excellent choice for men of good taste, but so very similar to all most of the other Morenas in Los Palitos.  

Lorena was always curious. Why is it that a man’s lower apparatus pulls up when he's about to terminate? Why is it that a woman implodes and why is it that some women actually experience a visible waterfall   while other women reach nirvana without releasing single drop  ? How is it to sleep with more than one man, to be seduced by an older woman, and to seduce a younger one?

Lorena grew at a time when her town was extremely conservative. A young woman was supposed to contain her   desires   until marriage. The locals maintained that a good woman is a lady outside the house, an excellent wife inside the house, and a femme publique in the bedroom succumbing to her husbands every desire.

Well times were changing in the little township. Economic growth brought in foreign industries, and much to the local women’s exhilaration: foreigners. Richer women (Las Fresas) were first to begin with experimentation driving up their Mercedes to the local supermarket, closing the engines and leaving the headlights on. Young foreign studs would then approach the Mercedes, enter and for a fee (about 1000 USD) would take the women for a ride to hyperspace.

The local pharmacies would sell condoms openly, and for the first time in the townships history, the tamanio grande (large size) condom appeared reflecting the local women’s preference for the “new models”.
Clubs would form that would secretly set up rendezvous where a woman would be able to experience in the privacy of an apartment, new experiences such as MHM and HMH indicating the fresas desire to experiment with double penetration as well as forbiden love. A number of rich ladies, that had been long disregarded by their husbands (many of these husbands known homosexuals) maintained on the side a well endowed foreign lover, usually male but not only.

And finally, the major boulevards catered to an increasing number of sexy transsexuals which would cater to both men and couples, both in an active, passive or both role.

Lorena, a university student at the time, had heard many a story about these encounters, and decided from her early student days that she would experience sexuality to its fullest. All she needed was the right person to initiate her and provide the environment for her.

Lorena’s first experience was a disaster. An older man, Enrique (introduced to her by her   brother Gonzalo) courted her and took her on a date. After dinner at one of the ranchero restaurants of the city, Enrique, cowboy hat and all, drove Lorena in his pickup to one of the town’s outskirts. He then proceeded to fondle her while simultaneously unzipping and forcing her down on him..

Lorena, inexperienced, did her best but almost choked and  
Enrique finally lifted her head (Lorena was dizzy at this point and close to vomiting since Enrique left much to be desired hygiene wise ) pushed her towards the car door, spread Lorena’s legs and pulled out her slip, and tried to forcehimself inside Lorena’s dry tunnel . Lorena felt Enrique piece forcing its way through her dryness , and pressuring her still intact membrane to give way and admit him into her holiest of hollies, but to no avail. Lorena  remained dry as the Sahara and Enrique’s advances resulted in an extremely unpleasant burning sensation between Lorena’s legs.

Lorena pleaded Enrique to stop his advances, but Enrique persisted. He  spit the palm of his hand and rubbed the spit on his member. He then fingered Lorena  (causing further discomfort) and then forced himself on her again, ramming   her  . At this point the pain became intolerable and Lorena having had enough put her legs on Enrique’s chest and pushed him away. She then proceeded to quickly pull up her slip, pull down her blouse and ask Enrique to kindly drive her back to her home.. Initially believing that Enrique had finished and fearing a possible pregnancy, Lorena hysterical by now started clawing at Enrique’s back, and by pulling in her legs and pushing his chest, managed to force him off her. Lorena then moved her hand between the legs  and sensing the oozing blood started screaming and dug her nails into Enrique’s cheek.  She pulled her slip up, did her blouse and jumped out of the pickup.

Lorena, in shock by this time ran into her house and quickly locked herself in her bedroom where she stayed for two days. From that time one, Lorena avoided the company of men and generally stayed away from parties and get-togethers. Rumors started circulating that Lorena was a lesbian (Enrique helped in this) and she was generally ignored by the male crowd.

Her brother Gonzalo at a point in time suggested that they go to a corporate party at the company he worked for, and after much resistance Lorena finally agreed. They sat at one of the employee tables ad across from her was a stranger, who kept on looking at her. Lorena asked her brother who this man was, with the wolf’s stare, and her brother said that this was a foreign executive, a powerful man, single and very much a poon hound. The ladies called him Zeus !

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