Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hackers threaten to release Norton Antivirus source code

Hackers thought to have stolen source code from Symantec's extended network have threatened to release the source code for Norton Antivirus on Tuesday, but the company says such a release poses no threat.
YamaTough Tweet
A group of hackers have said on Twitter they will release the source code behind Symantec's Norton Antivirus product. Image credit: CNET News
The hackers, who call themselves 'Yama Tough' and employ the Anonymous mask in their Twitter avatar, said in a post to Twitter on Saturday they would release the 1.7GB source code on Tuesday, along with the message "the rest will follow...".
The hackers said they found the code after breaking into servers run by Indian military intelligence. The code was apparently left on there by mistake after Indian authorities inspected the code to ensure it was secure.
Several reports surfaced earlier this month that hackers had managed to access the source code for certain Symantec products.

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