Saturday, February 4, 2012

5 Great Makeup Videos for the After 40 Crowd

Makeup after 40 can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are plenty of free online resources to help you look your best.
Although books and slideshows are helpful, when it comes to makeup there's nothing as informative as a comprehensive video.
The following 5 videos are all free and available on I've scoured through many online videos to weed out the amateur videos and concentrate on tips from the real makeup pros. 
Here are five of my favorites that concentrate on areas we all need to improve after 40:
1. Hide undereye circles, hyperpigmentation, fine lines.
This comprehensive makeup for mature skin comes from makeup artist Victoria Stiles and it's fantastic. I love that she details all the products she uses (I'm going to order the Cargo eyeshadow and reverse lip liner for myself).
2. Simple makeup over 60
Want to look more polished with a minimum of fuss? These makeup tips help you define your eyes and add a glow with blush.
3. How to do contouring
A MAC pro shows you how to do facial contouring simply by using makeup. Create cheekbones or dust the hairline and jawline for a beautiful look.
4. How to do brows
Makeup maven Bobbie Brown has a 30-second tip for drawing in perfect brows (something that our sparser, aging brows need.)
5. Make lips look fuller
Great tips for making lips look fuller, plus a really cool tip for setting lipstick color.

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