Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Loveliest of Greek Girls : Greek women (the most beautiful & sexy in the world)

Top 12 Hottest Greek Girls
They’re the faces that still launch thousands of ships. When talking about the world’s hottest women, Greece should always be one of the countries mentioned because it is a great area for smokin’ hot babes. A lot of these girls may be new names and faces for you, but we bet you will be glad we introduced you to them. They make us all ponder why Athens, Sparta, Thebes, etc. were warring so much when they should have been at home politicking with their Olympian women. We have a real weakness for Hellenic Hotties, an Achilles Heel, if you will. So here it goes, our list of the the Top 12 Hottest Greek Girls.

Top 12 Hottest Greek Girls
Artemis Alexandratou: Striving For Perfection
Artemis makes our list for one of the best uses of the “hand bra” that we have seen in a while.
Top 12 Hottest Greek Girls
Maria Vasi: Greeced Up and Ready to Go
For your viewing pleasure, is Maria Vasi, with her beautiful bronze skin and extremely plentiful features.
Top 12 Hottest Greek Girls
Christina Kolesta: Hot Greek Muse
We like Christina Kolesta because she dislikes wearing anything more than her bikini or underwear, just as much as we like seeing her that way.
Top 12 Hottest Greek Girls
Ria Antoniou: Another Tasty Greek
For winning more pageants than we can count on one hand.
Top 12 Hottest Greek Girls
Evelina Papantoniou: Greek Goddess
Evelina is not only beautiful, but also an artist that enjoys sculptures and painting.
Top 12 Hottest Greek Girls
Eva Laskari: Greek Goddess
Because she looks so sexy lying there by the pool.
Top 12 Hottest Greek Girls
Axia Andreadaki: Greek to Us
For having an exceptional body.
Top 12 Hottest Greek Girls
Natali Thanou: She Wants Her MTV
Because not only is she incredibly hot, but she has a great singing voice as well.
Top 12 Hottest Greek Girls
Maria Louiza Vourou: Greece’s Finest
This wouldn’t be a complete list of hot Greek girls, without the inclusion of Maria Louiza Vourou.
Top 12 Hottest Greek Girls
Paulina Kostagiou: Greek Babe
Because we like the fact that we couldn’t find a picture of her with a bra on.
Top 12 Hottest Greek Girls
Katerina Stikoudi: Hello Miss Hellas
We like Katerina because she is a hot humanitarian. Not only is she a doctor, but a children’s swimming instructor on the side.
and last, but by no means least….
Top 12 Hottest Greek Girls
Patricia Millik-Peristeri: Another Greek Goddess!
Just the name of the Soap Opera that she is in, Erotas, gets our brains whizzing

We hope you enjoyed this Top 12 Hottest Greek Girls article!

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