Monday, September 24, 2012

Greek Twitter set aflame by "Terminal" Love Affair

TolisLovedMaria, or moloch82, otherwise knows as Apostolos Ganas set aflame the Greek twitter network surpassing stars, politicians or current events through his dedicated and timeless expressions of love, in a modern day Romeo and Julliette setting, for his betrothed Maria.

Apostolos, or Tolis as he was known (or through his twitter id as Apostolos Gk @moloch82), passed away on Sunday the 23rd of September 2012 from Cancer.

His epic expressions and lyrical twits proved once again the pettiness of current social and economic challenges, against the timeless, the eternal, the omnipotent force that binds humanity towards higher actualization and self expressions : Love

May you Rest in Peace Toli in the arms of eternity; your Maria will indeed honor you and remember you for the years to come; as will we your friends.

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