Monday, December 31, 2012

Journal of an Invisible Yokel ! - Oh Invisible Me !

I had a crazy night on December 31st. After several years of spending New Year's Eve with my family, I was invited by some new friends I made from my BJJ club to a New Year's Eve Party. Of course I accepted since I didn't have the stomach to spend another last day of the year with uncles, aunts and homely cousins; and at around 11:30 pm, I hit the cold and icy Montreal streets, made my way through St Catherine to Chantal's house where the party was already roaring.

I drank more than I have ever drank before, smoked to the point of coughing up chunks of tar and danced like it was that last day of my life. At some point in time the room started spinning, Chantal was smiling and   the scent of her lovely French Canadian red curls and her piercing green eyes shocked my system into sweet demise, and I collapsed.

I awoke in a strange bed in a strange room on January 1st 2013; the bed was made save for the slight torment my body inflicted on it, and the room was neat. Aside from a terrible heachache everything else -regarding my body at least- seemed to be in place without any warning pains. I crawled out of the King Size bed and made my way to the gold rimmed erect mirror that stood gazing at what was left of my pride, across the bed.

I confronted the arrogant piece of glass and silver, and discovered that on the morning of January 1st 2013, on what would have otherwised passed as a below average Montreal day of an average Canadian life, I was quite invisible.

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