Sunday, January 27, 2013

Greek Communist Liana Kaneli Robbed

Robbers broke into Greek Communist Liana Kaneli's house whilst the Greek Communist Party's MP was sleeping in a bedroom with her child. The robbers stole numerous priceless objects and went as far as reaching the door of the bedroom where Mrs. Kaneli was sleeping, but nevertheless did not enter the room.

The robbers then left with Mrs. Kanellis Priceless jeep.

The Greek communist Liana Kanelli lives in Ekali, one of the most expensive suburbs of Athens; Ekali is equivalent to Montreal's Westmount area, Toronto's Rosedale area, and NY's upper manhattan where the elite lives.

Mrs. Kanelli, a sworn communist, also graduated from Deree business school otherwise known as the American College of Athens.

Mrs. Kanelli is the same person that was slapped around about a year ago by Ilias Kasidiaris, the Greek fascist party Golden Dawn MP. Mr. Kasidiaris attacked Mrs. Kaneli after Mrs. Kaneli slapped Mr. Kasidiaris in the face with the official Greek Comunist Party Newpaper, Rizospastis.

KKE (Communist Party of Greece) MP Lianna Kanelli.

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