Friday, January 11, 2013

La Logia en la Conchita D'Oro

Aldo, Eli and I left Saltillo on Thursday night and travelled to La Conchita D'Oro.

We entered la inglesia where Padre Rafeal awaited us. He heartily welcomed us and beckoned us to help him move the marble Altar. It took alot of strength to move the stone slabs, and when we managed to slide the altar where the blood of Christ is sacrificed daily, we found to our amazement a spiral starecase lit by 7 pyres. Aldo, I, Eli and Padre Rafael descended the staircase and upon its termination, entered the holiest of holies, the Widow, from the west staring directly at King Solomon's chair which lay empty in the East.

Both the North and the South areas of the Widow were filled with Brethren; Padre Rafael took his seat in the east in King Solomon's Chair, and the works of the evening begun in the subterranean catacombs of the La Conchita D'Oro Dom.

So mote it be. Asi es.


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