Wednesday, August 28, 2013

5G mobile network pre requirements motivators

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  • Entrepreneurship provided a strong push for broadband multimedia communication and will continue this push in the years ahead. The operator, supplier and service market will be very different – interpolating Krugman – than what we see today.

  • what started all this was the introduction of competition at the edge by the FCC in the late 60s (I think they were called the computer papers) and the coming of the internet which allowed interconnectivity at the edge to become a technical reality. 
  • The action and accelerated evolution will still be at the edge of the mobile network and thus the question of how operators and suppliers will position themselves vis a vis “edge” service/application/technology suppliers and possibly service providers.
  • The 5G network will reflect the social-political- and economic needs of the times to come. Note how the Arab spring and Moslem Brotherhood used combinations of SMS-Twitter and mobile tech to adhoc organize and act.
  • Spectrum harmonization essential; IMS may or may not be essential depending on core network role (core network security service huge for mobile banking but perhaps not so huge for mobile wallet..)
  • Will the technology still be cellular based since cellular technology is reaching limits and requires complex antenna patters and modulation system to work? – will health be an issue?
  • Most networks are expected to work on a marginal cost basis – ie. prepaid subscribers will outpass contracts? How will pay for network resources during idle network (mobile tracking, paging etc…)
  • 5G will be inasmuch driven from developments (whether social economic or technical) latin america asia and china as it will be from europe and north america

Some food for thought. More to come in the months ahead.
these were notes from plenary meeting on 5G in Skopelos Greece 2013


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