Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Elysium, Galbraith's underclass, and Southern Europe

Elysium presents a distopic view of social evolution where the underclass is stuck in a rotting earth, while the rich have isolated themselves in a space station made to resemble paradise. Sort of Los Angeles with its gettos and islands of walled, security accessed residential areas.

Southern Europe is currently being squeezed towards ghottotization. If this continues, a danger exists that southern european underclasses will revolt against Southern European financially secure classes, and this will drag other European, American and world underclasses to revolt against the well off. This will result in a new type of civil eventual spherical war where the underclass will revolt against the well off - in other words global upheaval and bloody tribulation.

The moral of the story : measures must be taken to alleviate Southern Europe of the present economic burdens if the current state of economic values and status quo is to be preserved.

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