Friday, May 27, 2011

Greece and Spain Protest : Who will follow ?

The grave mistakes of the leisure class have lead to a new underclass (Galbraith- Veblen), ie. Young and old (over forty as per most human resources departments) educated and out of work professional men and women.

Judging from the current demonstrations in Spain and Greece, and the probable domino effects in Ireland, Italy (which will eventually find their way to the more industrialized countries) the new underclass is composed of both labor and out of work professionals.

If the leisure class, ie. the industrialists, aren’t careful they may see an unprecedented backlash that will not only affect their profits, but their very existence.

Recall that May Day started in the US, and that the red flag was the result of a young woman dipping a dead worker’s shirt in a pool of blood.

“Κραυγή Λαού, Οργή Θεού”

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