Friday, May 27, 2011


Joey was successful in everything he did.

He graduated from an Ivy League university, landed a successful job.

Joey was a shooting star in his line of work.

Joey met Kathleen and it was love at first site.

They got married, had 2 children (John and Alice) and led a family life that most would envy.

On a particular business trip, Joey met Gwen, a ravishing redhead.

Gwen simply bewitched Joey; Joey was so enchanted with Gwen that he abandoned his family and settled in with Gwen, far away from his homeland. Kathleen eventually filed, and was awarded, the divorce due to being abandoned.

The years passed, and Joey and Gwen had four children. Joey loved Gwen for all the years of their marriage.
After 20 years since the day he left Kathleen , two young people walk into Joey’s shop.

Joey sees them, stands up and recognizes them as John (after-all John looked exactly like Joey) and Alice.

“Father, why did you abandon us?”

Joey stood up, crying, embraced his two children and died.

The official Coroner’s report states that Joey died from a massive coronary, but people in the area where he lived believe that the cause of death was a broken heart.

εστιν κεκαλυμμενον ο ουκ αποκαλυφθησεται
"There is nothing covered that shall not be revealed" (Matthew 10,26)

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