Wednesday, June 15, 2011

General Elections in Greece

Greece is winning the war. The public however, tired and disenchanted, is discontent and screaming for elections.

The Prime Minister, respecting the democratic process, calls general elections and loses. The opposition, which was holering about stopping the war, takes the reigns of power and proceeds without securing allied support to violate allied border treaties, to extend the war into the depths of asia.

The result is the 1922 Asia Minor disaster in the Greco Turkish war, the end of Greek dominance in the shores of Asia Minor, the Pontus, Constantinople, and the crippling of the Greek economy and Greek foreign policies and diplomacy.

Some countries prohibit elections during war...known as the war measures acts.

Greece, today, is again in the midst of war - an economic one.

If the country proceeds towards elections, let's hope that history will not repeat itself.

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