Thursday, January 26, 2012

Costa Concordia Shipwreck : Costa Crociere

On 13 January 2012 Costa Concordia struck a rock[9][10] which tore a 160 ft long hole in her hull, and eventuallycapsized[11][12] in shallow water in the Tyrrhenian Sea just off the shore of Isola del Giglio, near the western coast of Italy. Most of the 3,229 passengers and 1,023 crew were saved; as of 24 January 2012 the bodies of fifteen passengers and one crew member had been found, and the search continued, with seventeen people known to be missing.[13][14][15] The head of the Italian Civil Protection Agency said that there could have been more people not registered to be on the vessel ("illegals") aboard[13].
As of 22 January 2012 the ship was lying on her side in an unsteady position on a rocky underwater ledge with most of her structure above water[16], and in danger of sinking into a 70 m-deep trough.[17] Industry experts believe that the ship may be a constructive total loss.

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