Tuesday, January 24, 2012

France Recognizes Armenian Genocide caused by Turkey

France voted today to recognize the 1915 Armenian Genocide much to Turkey's objections. Turkey has been under immense pressure in the last couple of years, with history catching up with the country's past phantasms. Turkey is slowly becoming a victim of past mischief, including the Armenian genocide of 1915, the Greek genocide of 1922 and the occupation of Cyprus which is slowly marginalizing Turkey to the middle east instead of allowing the country to become a true western ally.


  1. In the last photo the mother laying with her baby is Turk, and this scene came from Armenian Roulette in which a pregnant Turkish mother's belly is ripped to see the gender of the baby.

    1. Again and again you assured me that turks will never change. you are shameless sons of a murderers and bloodsuckers .

  2. I google-ed Armenian Roulette to see what this fool meant by it.

    I found this ridiculous page http://worldofkhanhan.blogspot.com/2012/06/armenian-roulette.html
    telling ridiculous stories about the Armenians. The writer tells the fabricated stories in details as if he was there as they were happening. I should not be surprised since turks are well known for their devilish nature and methods of torture.

  3. The first photo could be anyone! Since the original can't be produced, the victim could be Armenian, Arab, or Turk! As for the third photo with the heads, that's a famous picture of members of the Rose resistance, captured and executed by the NAZIS during WWII in France!!! SHAMELESS ARMENIANS WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO LIE!!!

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