Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lottery , Kostas Mitsotakis , and Sodeto

Kostas Mitsotakis fell in love with Spanish Eyes and ended up in Sodeto Spain. They passed lottery tickets to everyone in town but forgot to sell on to Kostas.

The town won, everyone became rich, but Kostas was forsaken by fortune and missed out on lifetime security.

But its ok he sez; the Sodeto Spaniards became affluent and thus bought the property he was selling, since the times do not favor those that sell.

So life goes on, and so does Kostas Mitsotakis. Of course the way things are going in the Eurozone, the West and the World, it may not make a difference in the end anyway.


  1. that's one of the greatest stories i've ever read. despite that i'm a bit jealous that it wasn't me who was among them, it's so interesting that almost all of them participated in the lottery and in the end won the prize...