Saturday, February 4, 2012

What Happened to Marie Osmond's Face?

I know it's rude to ask, but all it takes is a quick glance at Marie Osmond's totally transformed, 52-year-old face to see that she's had work done. Apparently, quite a lot.  quotes a plastic surgeon (who didn't treat her) as saying that it looked like she'd had her eyes done and probably had injections in her lips and the folds around her mouth.
I guess the question when it comes to Marie Osmond is Why? She's always been gorgeous and her significant weight loss a few years ago brought back her glamorous side. Just look how radiant she looked back in 2008 when Marie still looked like Marie. Now, she is starting to look more like Donny.
I am no stranger to cosmetic surgery or even talking about the work I've had done. I happily had a major procedure done almost a year ago (and am thrilled with the results.) But that was on my body. My face is a different story.
Although some celebrities, like Jane Fonda, seem to come out looking amazing after obvious plastic surgery (I mean, she's 73 and looks 20 years younger than that), there are too many examples of bad plastic surgery that make me afraid to take the leap.
There are celebs like Madonna, who get a weird look from fillers or implants or whatever they are using to plump out their cheeks. And don't even get me started about poor Priscilla Presley.
Marie Osmond before and after plastic surgery photosBut then there are celebrities like 50-year-old Patti Stanger, who had an eye lift and looks refreshed and amazing. Best of all, she's been honest and public about what she's had done (too bad all our 50+ sisters aren't this open about plastic surgery.)
I'm still wavering on whether or not to have something done to my face, and I keep looking for women my age who have had successful work done to show me that mine will probably turn out great, too.
In the meantime, let's hope Marie Osmond quits tinkering with her gorgeous face. Enough is enough!

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