Sunday, January 26, 2014

LTE Enabled Devices Update Status Report

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January 24, 2014: An update to the Status of the LTE Ecosystem report published this week by the GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) confirms that 132 manufacturers have announced 1,371 LTE-enabled user devices, including frequency and carrier variants.

705 new LTE user devices were launched in the past year, representing 106% annual growth. The number of manufacturers increased by 52% in the same period. Smartphones, the largest device category, increased their share to 39% of all LTE device types.

The majority of terminals are designed for operation in the FDD mode. Importantly, 304 products can operate in the LTE TDD (TD-LTE) mode, which is 180 higher than a year ago and represents strong and accelerating growth. Over 10% of commercial LTE networks have deployed the LTE TDD mode, according to GSA data published earlier this month.

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